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Monat: November 2018

GIS Applications in Forestry: kostenloser Kurs

Die Plattform gicases.eu entstand im Rahmen eines EU-Projekts zur Förderung der Ausbildung im Bereich der geographischen Informationssysteme (GI). Hier werden verschiedene kostenlose Online-Kurse angeboten. Es gibt zum Beispiel einen Kurs „GIS Applications in Forestry„:

This course describes how the GIS technology can effectively and efficiently support forest planning and forest management. It helps to deal with the numerous objectives in forestry and their complexity. It introduces participants in the use of GIS tools in Forestry domain, thus overcoming i) weaknesses in methods development due to lack of data, ii) the unfamiliarity with the market needs and iii) the different areas of focus, that follow the academic courses approach. […]

The available training material is based on real cases and provide paradigms and data for three main areas in Forestry such as, Forest Risk Mapping, Forest Fire monitoring and Forest Fire simulation. Its educational significance is considered of high importance and a strategic approach for delivering education and training resources for students in this field has been followed. Following this course is important in developing a more structured career path for forestry operatives, improve their skills and understanding of forest fires behaviour, while helping them to understand the needed training paths in order to be prepared for more complex analysis and use of various geodata sets.

Using the provided educational and training materials, the basic steps of developing a forestry geodatabase appropriate for further analysis and production, as well as the use of satellite image data and forest fire simulation techniques become gradually familiar to the student and help to formulate and test the steps needed for preparing the materials needed for supporting field operations and for executing real time forest fire simulations.

Dieser Kurs besteht aus den Modulen „Forest Management“ und „Forest Fire Management“.

Apropos GIS und Forst: Auf der FAST Pichl wird im November 2018 und im Jänner 2019 der Kurs „Forstkartenerstellung mit QGIS-Forst für EinsteigerInnen“ angeboten. Der weiterführende Kurs für Fortgeschrittene findet im Februar statt.

Emily Carr: Autumn Woods

Die kanadische Malerin und Autorin Emily Carr (1871-1945) setzte sich zeit ihres Lebens mit den indigenen Völkern Alaskas und British Columbias (First Nations bzw. Alaska Natives) auseinander. Das zeigt sich in in ihren Gemälden von Totempfählen und anderen indianischen Motiven und in ihren Landschaftsbildern. „Paintings from Carr’s last decade reveal her growing anxiety about the environmental impact of industry on British Columbia’s landscape. Her work from this time reflected her growing concern over industrial logging, its ecological effects and its encroachment on the lives of indigenous people“ (Wikipedia).